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Visitors who are intending to travel on from their point of entry to explore the rest of Brazil should consider investing in a Brazilian Air pass before arriving in the country. The Air pass can only be sold outside of Brazil and to non-residents with a return air ticket. It can be purchased for the flights of  Varig , Tam , Gol , Ocean Air or Vasp, each pass only being valid for the flights of the issuing carrier. The price of the Air pass varies, but considering the size of Brazil and the cost of internal Brazilian air travel – a return flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus can cost over US$1,000 and Rio to Foz de Iguaçu, US$ 550 – it offers excellent value for money.Currently the cost of the basic Air pass is US$ 530 for up to five internal flights. The pass is valid for 21 days from the first internal flight. There is also a South American Air pass which allows the holder to travel economically throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The cost of the South American Air pass is based on the number of miles flown. Prices start from just US$ 225.


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