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Trip by bus

Despite the distances involved, it is possible to travel from Brazil to another country  by bus. The journey to Buenos Aires from Rio de Janeiro, for example, will take 44 hours and covers some 1,800 miles (2,870 km). Reservations should be made in advance through a travel agent or at the bus terminal. Emigration formalities take place on the respective borders.

Nationally there is an extensive bus service linking all the main cities and while this is an inexpensive way to view the country, distances can be considerable. Fortaleza, for example, being as far from Rio as Buenos Aires.

By Bus

By Car

Rent a car

Car Rental: Most of the major international car rental companies operate in the main Brazilian cities. The companies accept the majority of international credit cards and restrict the minimum age of the driver to 25.Many of the companies can also supply drivers and have a van service.

Rail: The passenger rail network in Brazil is extremely limited and not a viable option for travelling around the country.

 By Rail

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