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The Federative Republic of Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country, occupying almost half of the South American continent and  bordering  every   country in  it  (Argentina , Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru,Colombia, Venezuela,Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana) and  except for Chile and Ecuador.

Brazil   covers   8,511,965   square  kilometers  (3,319,666 square miles)   and   boasts   a   population   of   169.590.693  people . 

It  is  a  land  of  diverse  culture : indigenous , many non-indigenous  people  who  call  Brazil   home  are  the descendants of Arabians ,  Polishs , Greek , Italians , Spanish ,  French  ,  Japanese ,  Chineses ,  Africans ,  Germans ,  many others  people and ,  of course , the Portuguese . 

The  national  language  is Portuguese  ( a little bit different of Portuguese of Portugal because  the  influence  of  others culture  and  people ) ,  have many different religions but the predominant is Roman Catholic.

The State Capital is  Brasília, DC  is best  known for  the  speed  at  which  it  was built located in Center Geographic of Brazil . Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, urban planner Lucio Costa and landscape architect Burle Marx, it was completed in a span of only three years. The country is also known and loved for its more vibrant locales. Brazil offers an impressive array of foods for the intrepid traveler to taste .


  • Rio de Janeiro: is the home of the world's most famous beach, the Copacabana, and Ipanema, Rio's most fashionable beach. The city is sited in one of the world's most exquisite waterside vistas. Beyond the sunshine, Rio is equally famed for heady nightlife even outside of the Carnaval season ;



  • São Paulo: the bigest business city in South America and the fourth in the world, in São Paulo's nightlife vies with Rio's. São Paulo also offers an excellent art museum as well as the 16-th century Patio do Colégio ;


  • Amazon: is the world's largest rainforest ,many people choose to explore the Amazon with local indigenous folk may taste the meats of alligator, porcupine and piranha The Amazon is probably Brazil's premier attraction. Home to an estimated 15,000 species of creatures, hundreds of which have not even been classified the region looms large in the imagination of travelers. The reality is even more exciting. The area has over 1800 known types of butterflies, fish that have not even been named and plants that have not been classified. Manaus is the most common starting point to access the Amazon area either by day tours or extended boat trips;


  • Bahia: where African people settled long ago, guests feast on spicy Afro-Brazilian cuisine . Salvador de Bahia is a history-buff's Brazil hotspot with over 30 colonial churches, and a museum of Black culture. Caranval in Bahia rivals Rio's. Bahia has an array of beaches to tempt the traveler; 


  • Iguassu Falls: Iguassu Falls are one of Brazil's natural wonders. They are over two miles wide and 262 ft wide. It's best to visit them from August to November ;


  • Pantanal:  wetlands are a wonderful place to see wildlife. Boat tours are available from Rio Paraguai. Although birds run rampant over the region, sea otters, cougars, anteaters and other exotic animals are also native to this interesting area. 

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