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Brazil at a Glance

The state of Acre, known as the land of rubber and Chico Mendes, is seeking another title: the land of green tourism.

With only 2% of its area of 143,000 km2 deforested, Amapá has the lowest rate of destruction of the original vegetation cover of any Brazilian state.

Situated in the heart of the greatest forest in the world, the State of Amazonas is more than 1.5 million km2 in area, equivalent to 18% of the total area of Brazil.

The geography of the state is notable for its numerous islands, rivers, lakes, beaches and mountain ranges that are a striking feature for visitors.

Linking Amazonia with the Brazil's western center, Rondônia has been developing its economic and tourist potential since 1982 when it ceased to be a territory and became a state.

Despite the major expulsion of the native community that occurred during the period of settlement, Roraima is one of the Brazilian states that still has the largest Indian population in the country.

Tocantins covers a transitional area between the Amazon Forest and the Savannah, with vegetation and fauna belonging to both eco-systems.


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