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Brazil at a Glance

With beautiful beaches with their blue- green sea set against a history of almost five centuries of dissent of all kinds, Alagoas has become one of the best tourist destinations in Brazil.

Land of all saints and all gods, Bahia is the main center in Brazil for religious      syncretism. The state also boasts one of the best street carnivals in Brazil.

Known as the land of abolition, Ceará is the third largest economy in the North East Region of Brazil, behind Bahia and Pernambuco. The capital, Fortaleza, has a modern architectural profile and is an important tourist center.

With a coastline dotted with beaches and a valued historical heritage, Maranhão is a state where the marks of the colonial and imperial past are very strong. São Luís, the capital of Maranhão, is a World Heritage Site.

The state has 230 kilometers of coastline and the best known beaches in the state, such as Tambaú and Manaíra, are located in or near the capital, João Pessoa, one of the biggest attractions in the state.

Pernambuco witnessed some of the most stirring episodes of Brazilian history. Recife, is a perfect synthesis between old and new.

Piauí is a state of striking contrast. Included within its territory is the Capivara National Park, the most important archaeological site not only in Brazil but in the entire American continent.

Three hundred and sixty five days of sunshine and an average annual temperature of 26º C make Rio Grande do Norte a highly privileged state.

With a coastal strip of tropical forest apart from beaches and dunes, the state has extensive mangroves. The capital, Aracaju, was one of the first city to be planned in Brazil back in 1855 .

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